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The Palm Beach TPA conducts transportation planning for an extensive network of roadways throughout Palm Beach County.  Current areas of emphasis are the following:

  • Complete construction of new or expanded roadways prioritized by the TPA Governing Board

  • Use technology to improve traffic signal efficiency

  • Reconstruct older existing roadways to add pedestrian, bicycle and transit facilities and improve safety

  • Promote the TPA's complete streets policy and provide public education

Decorative Art on Traffic Signal Control Cabinets

Palm Beach County has established a standard interlocal agreement to allow municipalities to "wrap" traffic signal control cabinets with decorative art to integrate civic art in public infrastructure and enhance the appearance of the public right-of-way.  Interested?  You can download the standard agreement here.  Please contact Melissa Ackert, Assistant Director of the Palm Beach County Traffic Division, via e-mail at MAckert@pbcgov.org or by phone at 561-684-4030 for details.

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