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Safety and Vision Zero

Safety and Vision Zero

Vision Zero

Federal regulations require the TPA to annually adopt safety targets for each of five safety performance measures.  The TPA Governing Board adopted targets of zero traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries first in February 2018 and has annually renewed this commitment in subsequent years. This concept, known as "Vision Zero", promotes a culture of safety grounded in six key principles:

  • Traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries are preventable and unacceptable
  • Human life takes priority over mobility
  • Human error is inevitable, so the transportation system should allow for it to happen without death or serious injury
  • A system-level approach to safety should be adopted to effect change
  • Safe human behaviors, education, and enforcement are essential contributors to a safe system
  • High speed is a primary cause of traffic death and serious injury; it should be managed with sensitivity to vulnerable road users. 

For more information on Vision Zero visit visionzeronetwork.org

TPA Vision Zero Action Plan

To support its commitment to Vision Zero, the TPA adopted a Vision Zero Action Plan on April 18, 2019 and an updated version on October 16, 2021.  Each year, the TPA evaluates progress on the actions in the plan and considers updates to the plan. The annual progress reports are available at the links below.

For more information about the TPA's Vision Zero efforts, contact Andrew Uhlir at AUhlir@PalmBeachTPA.org

TPA Vision Zero Advisory Committee

The TPA's Vision Zero Advisory Committee (VZAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the TPA Governing Board to advance those elements of the TPA’s Vision Zero Action Plan oriented around pedestrian and bicycle safety, and to address other matters and concerns when directed by the TPA. For more information about the VZAC, visit PalmBeachTPA.org/VZAC.

Local Resources for Vision Zero

In December 2019, the TPA held a Vision Zero Workshop focused on the following objectives: 

  • Build understanding and support for Vision Zero amongst TPA stakeholders;
  • Encourage local governments to adopt the Vision Zero approach;
  • Share opportunities to access TPA resources for advancing safe mobility efforts; and
  • Identify next steps for action and foster interest in solutions.

A Vision Zero Workshop Summary Report was prepared after the workshop covering these objectives. 

The guidelines of becoming a Vision Zero Community can be found here

Many of the datasets to support safety analysis and vision zero efforts in local communities within Palm Beach County can be viewed at the TPA's online mapping website here.

Additional Resources

Data Resources: Multiple crash data sources are available. For an overview of the resources, read FDOT's Crash Data Guidance document. 

Ped/Bike Safety Field Reviews: TPA staff will conduct a ped/bike safety field review with you! Please contact Andrew Uhlir at AUhlir@PalmBeachTPA.org to schedule a field review. 

Palm Beach County Local Road Safety Plan: In January 2019, Palm Beach County created a Local Road Safety Plan as a pilot project with support from the Federal Highway Administration.

FDOT Road Safety Audits: The Florida Department of Transportation routinely conducts road safety audits (RSAs) for state roadway segments within Palm Beach County. Many of the recent RSAs are provided below:


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