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Walk Bike Palm Beach

Walk Bike Palm Beach

WalkBikePalmBeach.org was created by the Palm Beach TPA to provide pedestrian and bicycle related information in Palm Beach County. This is in line with the TPA's Mission to collaboratively plan, prioritize, and fund the transportation system and Vision for a safe, efficient, and connected multimodal transportation system.

March is Florida Bicycle Month: Celebrate with Us!

Florida Bicycle Month is a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling and encourage more folks to give bicycling a try. 

Join the State of Florida, Palm Beach TPA, Palm Beach County and local municipalities in celebrating Florida Bicycle Month by doing a Proclamation.

In recognition of Florida Bicycle Month, the TPA Governing Board will adopt a Florida Bicycle Month Proclamation at their upcoming Board meeting on March 17, 2022. The TPA encourages Palm Beach County municipalities to adopt a Florida Bicycle Month Proclamation. In 2021, the Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners and the following local municipalities adopted Florida Bike Month Proclamations: 

City of Boca Raton City of Palm Beach Gardens
City of Boynton Beach Village of Palm Springs
City of Delray Beach Village of Royal Palm Beach
City of Greenacres City of West Palm Beach
Town of Jupiter Village of Wellington
Town of Lake Park

A Proclamation template is available here


Bicycle Month Webinars

Safe Bicycling Webinar: Watch

Building Cycling Cities Webinar: Watch

Bikenomics Webinar: Watch

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

The TPA's Vison Zero Advisory Committee (VZAC) is responsible for advising the TPA Board regarding pedestrian and bicycle safety issues in Palm Beach County. For more information about the VZAC click here. To learn more about Vision Zero and the TPA's safety efforts, visit PalmBeachTPA.org/Safety.

The TPA encourages walking and bicycling safely and has compiled a list of educational resources available here. More information can be found in the "Additional Resources" section below. The TPA can also be a funding partner for implementing pedestrian and bicycle facilities through its annual grant programs. For more information, visit: PalmBeachTPA.org/Funding

Walk Bike Safety Audits

The TPA wants to coordinate Walk Bike Safety Audits with our partners in the community. These audits help identify pedestrian and bicycle safety issues y being on the ground and experiencing the built environment first hand. Audits are planned in coordination with the municipality, roadway owners, and other stakeholder, like Palm Tran or the School District of Palm Beach County, in order to improve safety and access for people of all ages and abilities. After these audits are completed, the TPA and audit stakeholders work to evaluate recommendations and identify funding opportunities. 

Senate Bill 950

Have you heard about the new laws for bicycling safety in Florida? Check out our new video that shows several of the bicycle and vehicle movements outlined in Senate Bill 950. Florida Driver's License Exams are also now required to include bike safety questions, an initiative the Palm Beach TPA advocated for! Many more improvements to keep cyclists safe can be made and the TPA looks forward to continue advocating for the safety of all roadway users.


National Walk to School Day

National Walk to School Day is Wednesday, October 5, 2022! On this day, Cities and Schools celebrate safe, active travel by hosting events such as group walks to school or other educational opportunities for students and parents. For ideas on events and additional information, visit WalkBiketoSchool.org.

National Bike to School Day

National Walk to School Day is Wednesday, May 4, 2022! On this day, Cities and Schools celebrate safe, active travel by hosting events such as group bike to school or other educational opportunities for students and parents. For ideas on events and additional information, visit WalkBiketoSchool.org.

National Bike Month in May

Celebrate National Bike Month in May! For more details, visit BikeLeague.org.

For more information and resources on bicycling in Florida, visit FloridaBicycle.org.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Facilities

To view pedestrian and bicycle facilities and upcoming projects, visit the TPA's online interactive map at: PalmBeachTPA.org/Map



Sidewalk Gap Priorities

Pedestrian Desres

Bicycle Desires Network





Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study

In 2017, the TPA conducted the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study to Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study, adopted February 2017analyze five years of pedestrian and bicyclist crash data in Palm Beach County and develop evidence based recommendations for safety countermeasures, educational strategies, and performance targets.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study: At-A-Glance

In 2019, the TPA created a Vision Zero Action Plan that looks at all traffic related fatalities and serious injuries in more recent years. For more information and to view the Vision Zero Action Plan, visit: PalmBeachTPA.org/Safety

Walk Friendly and Bicycle Friendly Community Designations

The TPA encourages local governments to pursue Walk Friendly Bicycle Friendly Community designations. The TPA also encourages local businesses to pursue Bicycle Friendly Business designations.

Walk Friendly Community logo       

The Bicycle Friendly Business application window is open through October 5, 2021. To apply, visit BikeLeague.org/Business.

The Walk Friendly Communities application window is open through December 15, 2021. To apply, visit WalkFriendly.org

Additional Resources


Bicycle Laws

  • 316.2065 Bicycle regulations.
  • 316.1995 Driving upon sidewalk or bicycle path.
  • Rights and Duties of Cyclists (League of American Bicyclists) Video:
    Certified traffic cycling instructors demonstrate the rights and duties of cyclists in the United States. The video shows cyclists acting as drivers of vehicles making normal vehicular maneuvers including lane control, lane sharing, left and right turns, through movements and a freeway ramp crossing.

Bicycle Helmet Fitting Guides

  • Thorough Instructions for Fitting a Helmet (NHTSA) PDF
  • Brief Instructions for Fitting a Helmet (NHTSA) PDF
  • NHTSA's Fitting a Helmet Video YouTube
  • NHTSA’s Bicycle Safety Tips Webpage

Bicycling Tips

  • Basic Pedestrian Safety Tips from Palm Beach TPA:
    • It's safest to walk on a sidewalk, but if you must walk in the street, walk facing traffic.
    • At night, increase your visibility by carrying a flashlight and wearing light-colored or reflective clothing.
    • Transit users should cross behind the bus to avoid crashes - drivers cannot see in front of the vehicle if you step out into traffic.
    • Use crosswalks or the nearest intersection to safely cross the street.
    • Stay alert in parking lots or around driveways - drivers may be more focused on their destination and not watching for you.
  • Basic Cyclists Safety Tips from Palm Beach TPA:
    • Use a headlight and red rear light or wear reflective clothing that can be seen from 300 feet.
    • Avoid cycling on sidewalks and watch for vehicles turning left or right, and entering or existing parking spaces and driveways - they may be looking for their next move and not see you.
    • Use hand signals to indicate your next move (stop, left turn, right turn). Now you can officially point to the right for right turns instead of relying on a drivers memory to know the other hand signal. 
  • Tips for the beginner cyclist:  A few tips to help the beginner cyclist get on the road (CentralFLSports) YouTube
  • Tips for the experienced cyclist:  "5 critical bicycle skills in 5 minutes" for the moderately-experienced cyclist (Global Cycling Network) YouTube
  • Top 10 Tips for Parents:  Safe cycling suggestions to keep your children safe (Univ of Miami's Kidz Neuroscience Center)  PDF EnglishPDF Spanish,  PDF Creole

Education and Encouragement

  • Bicycle Rodeo Resources

    • NHTSA Cycling Skills Clinic: A step-by-step approach to planning and initiating a bicycle safety skills event, including instructions and resources for setting up a course and conducting it to meet the needs of all the children participating (NHTSA). Webpage
    • An Organizer's Guide to hosting a Bicycle Rodeo: This guide outlines a step-by-step approach to designing a successful community bicycle rodeo for children (Bicycling Life). Webpage
  • Bike Event Resources (great for Florida Bike Month)

    • Bike Palm Beach's Events Calendar:  To view other Bicycle Events in your area, go here Webpage. If you would like to ADD an event, go to BikePalmBeach.org's main page and click the link located directly below the Calendar icon.Bike to School Day: Planning an Event:This general guide will introduce you to the benefits of hosting a Bike to School Day event (Nat'l Center for SRTS) Webpage
    • Bike to School Day: Getting Started Guide:This 8-step to-do list will get you from concept to a reality. (Nat'l Center for SRTS) Webpage
    • Florida’s Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety Resource Center Webpage
    • Calendar of local events, to avoid scheduling an event on the same date as another major event (Discover The Palm Beaches) Webpage
    • Calendar for Palm Beach Independent School District to avoid school holidays Webpage

Other Resources:


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