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Local Initiatives Program

Local Initiatives Program

TPA Funding Workshop Dec. 14, 20182019 Local Initiatives Application Cycle to be announced.

Program Overview

The adopted Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) allocated a portion of Federal Surface Transportation Program funds to advance lower-cost, non-regionally significant transportation projects identified by our communities.  The Local Initiatives (LI) program is an annual competitive application process where projects are submitted to the TPA and then ranked and prioritized for funding.  Funded projects are either implemented by the applicant and funded through a grant reimbursement agreement with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) or they are implemented by FDOT.

  • $ 20M is anticipated to be allocated annually to fund projects under the Local Initiatives (LI) Program

  • Projects selected for funding by the TPA will be constructed in four or five years

Eligible Applicants

  • Municipal, county, state, federal agencies and tribal councils

Eligible LI Funding Activities

  • Complete Street projects - Including Lane Narrowing, Lane Elimination, Bicycle Facilities, Pedestrian Facilities, Transit Infrastructure, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Median Modifications, Signing and lighting, Turn Lanes, Traffic Signals, Striping and Marking

  • Transit capital - purchases of vehicles, shelters, park-and-ride facilities.  Can also pay up to 50% of a 3-year turn-key contract for new transit service (e.g. trolley service)

  • Non-motorized infrastructure - Separated, Buffered and/or designated bike lanes, Sidewalks, Shared-use paths, Street lighting

  • Freight efficiency - Airport or seaport off-site capacity improvements, Railway capacity improvements, Truck movement improvements

Application Guidelines

  • Application requests for TPA funding are limited to a minimum of $250,000 and a maximum of $5M, inclusive of all phases (e.g. design, construction and CEI).  The LI program cannot fund right-of-way acquisition.
  • Projects must be located on a roadway that is classified as an urban collector or higher.
  • An applicant may submit a maximum of 2 applications but only the highest ranking eligible project application will be included in the draft priority list.  If funding levels permit, a second round of projects may be added to the priority list.
  • Applications must be submitted online via the TPA website.
  • Applications must provide all required documents.
  • Applications will be scored and ranked via the TPA Board approved scoring system.
  • The TPA Governing Board makes the final determination regarding inclusion of an application on the TPA Priority Projects List and may waive any of the above requirements.

Summary of Projects Funded by this Program 

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