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Transportation Matters - March 28, 2018

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Transportation Matters - March 28, 2018

PalmBeachTPA.org                 March 28, 2018

Draft Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

Palm Beach TPA Unified Planning Work Program

The federally required Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) serves as the Palm Beach TPA's budget and business plan for a two-year period. It sets forth planned activities and programs in support of the TPA's goals. The Draft UPWP will be considered for adoption by the Palm Beach TPA Governing Board at their regularly scheduled meeting of May 17, 2018.

To review the draft UPWP, go to PalmBeachTPA.org/UPWP
Please provide public comments by April 27 to RCross@PalmBeachTPA.org

Proposed TIP Amendment #4

The Palm Beach TPA Governing Board will consider approval of Amendment #4 to its adopted Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for Fiscal Years 2018-2022 at their regularly scheduled meeting of April 19, 2018. Proposed by the Florida Dept. of Transportation, Amendment #4 modifies the scheduling and funding for Project FM#229664-3 for State Road 7 from 60th Street to Northlake Blvd. To review the proposed Amendment, go to PalmBeachTPA.org/TIP.

News and Announcements

Two April Advisory Committee Meetings Cancelled

The Palm Beach TPA has canceled the previously scheduled April meetings of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC). Both committees will meet next on May 2.


Transition Steering Committee Meeting - March 29

The Transition Steering Committee appointed by the Palm Beach TPA Governing Board will meet at 2:00 PM  on March 29, 2018. The meeting will be held at the Palm Beach TPA office located on the 4th Floor, 2300 N. Jog Rd., West Palm Beach, FL 33411. The meeting is open to the public and notice is provided that multiple members of the Palm Beach TPA Governing Board will participate in the meeting. The agenda and supporting materials are posted under the "Special Meetings or Workshops" section at PalmBeachTPA.org/meeting.


TPA Governing Board Meeting - April 19

Palm Beach TPA Board Meeting April 19, 2018


Join the South Florida Commuter Challenge!

Visit SFLcommutes.com

South Florida Commuter Challenge


Supplemental Safety Measures Installed Along Rail Corridor

Brightline Supplemental Safety Measures Installation - March 2018

Additional Supplemental Safety Measures (SSMs) were installed at multiple crossings along the FEC rail corridor in March. Crossings with exit gates are sometimes referred to as "quad gates" because gates come down from all four corners when a train approaches, preventing violators from taking the risk of going around closed gates. When the installation is complete, local governments will have the option to take the final steps to establish Quiet Zones through their communities.


FindaRideFlorida.org Locates Travel Options


Are you or someone you know looking for transportation options beyond the driver's seat? Whether looking to save money, go green by giving up the car keys or transitioning from driving because of natural changes due to the aging process, travel options are easy to find.

FindaRideFlorida.org is an online listing of transportation service providers in all of Florida's 67 counties. Click this link to view a brief video to see how it works!


Green Bike Lanes Improve Safety at Conflict Points

Green Bike Lanes at Conflict Points on SR 7 near Westlake

Green bike lanes improve safety at conflict points where bicyclists and motorists may temporarily share the same space such as locations adjacent to side streets, turn lanes and highway ramps.

This example is in the City of Westlake along Seminole Pratt Whitney Road.

Recent Events

Complete Streets Workshop

Complete Streets Workshop - March 14, 2018

The Palm Beach TPA hosted a Complete Streets workshop on March 14 that was conducted by leaders of Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition. Attendees included elected officials and technical staff members from the TPA Governing Board and its advisory committees.


Bike-to-Work Day in West Palm Beach

Bike-to-Work Day West Palm Beach - March 16, 2018

The Palm Beach TPA organized one of three group bike rides into downtown West Palm Beach on March 16 as part of the Bike-to-Work event and celebration in the City Hall courtyard where exhibitors included the TPA.  


 Request Palm Beach TPA presentations and exhibits: Public Relations Manager Malissa Booth.

TPA Employment Opportunity

 The TPA is seeking two important members to join the great team! Click for information.

Lead Planner - Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator

Planner II - Program Development Support 


TPA Boards and Committees

Palm Beach TPA Governing Board meeting - March 15, 2018

From the links below, view/download presentations given at one or more of the March meetings of the Palm Beach TPA Governing Board and its advisory committees:


Next Dates for TPA Meetings

Thu. April 5, 9:07 AM Bicycle-Trailways-Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BTPAC)
Thu. April 19, 9:00 AM

TPA Governing Board 
Meeting location: Greenacres City Hall
5800 Melaleuca Lane, Greenacres, FL 33463
Click for Google Map

Wed. May 2, 9:00 AM Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)
Wed.  May 2, 1:30 PM Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)
Wed. May 30, 2:00 PM Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board (LCB)

Go to PalmBeachTPA.org/meeting to access online agendas, backup materials, presentations, minutes and audio recordings of past meetings of the Governing Board, advisory committees, and the Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board. Members of the public are encouraged to attend all meetings of these Boards and committees, as well as ad hoc committee meetings or workshops publicly noticed on PalmBeachTPA.org

Public Notice:  Please be advised that multiple members of the Palm Beach TPA Governing Board or any of its advisory committees may attend any of these meetings.

Complete TPA calendar listings: PalmBeachTPA.org/calendar 

Transportation Projects and Highights

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