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There are two main rail corridors running through Palm Beach County, the Florida East Coast (FEC) railway corridor and the CSX railway corridor, a portion of which is owned by the Florida Dept. of Transportation for use by Tri-Rail commuter trains.  Additionally, U.S. Sugar owns and operates the South Central Florida Express (SCFE) railway in western Palm Beach County.

Quiet Zones on the FEC Railway:

  • The Palm Beach TPA and the Broward MPO have funded studies, provided technical trainings, and funded supplemental safety measures and infrastructure at road crossings to qualify for a continuous quiet zone designation from Hallandale (Broward County) through West Palm Beach in Palm Beach County to correspond with the first phase of the Brightline project. Brightline will manage the construction to maximize cost efficiencies and to reduce impacts on vehicular traffic and nearby neighborhoods and businesses. The TPA/MPO have made these investments to enhance the quality of life for heavily populated coastal communities with the addition of increased passenger and freight rail. Designated quiet zones eliminates/ reduces requirements for train horns because the need is sufficiently offset by safety structures such as crossing gates. In addition, the Palm Beach TPA has provided for enhanced pedestrian crossings at select railroad crossings.
  • Click for current information on FEC corridor construction and temporary roadway closures.



  • Brightline is under construction as a privately funded express train service that will use the existing FEC Railway corridor to commence service between West Palm Beach and Miami in 2018, with service from West Palm Beach to Orlando following. Additional information can be found at GoBrightline.com
  • Additionally, the Palm Beach TPA has funded the monitoring and education services by Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC)

Governmental Regulators:

Passenger/ Commuter Rail:

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