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Public Participation Plan

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Public Participation Plan

Public Participation PlanPublic Participation Plan (PPP)
Adopted 10-19-2017

This Public Participation Plan serves two main purposes. The first is to provide the public with a guidebook for how and when they can participate in local and regional transportation planning and decision-making. Secondly, it outlines the policies and procedures for public engagement committed to by the Palm Beach TPA. 

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Public Participation Plan (PPP)

This Public Participation Plan (PPP) outlines the Palm Beach TPA’s plan and associated strategies for enhancing public involvement in the transportation planning process for Palm Beach County, Florida and the Miami Urbanized Area. This document assists the Palm Beach TPA in carrying out its mission in an open process that provides complete information, timely public notice, full public access to key decisions, and support for early and continued involvement.

The following documents were adopted 2-15-2018, and are also included as appendices to the TPA's Public Participation Plan:



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