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Priority Projects List

Priority Projects List

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The following draft list will be reviewed for recommendation by the TPA advisory committees at their July meetings, and will be considered for adoption by the TPA Governing Board on July 16, 2020. Click here for details of those public meetings.

Draft Priority Projects List for Fiscal Years 2022-26

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Pursuant to s. 339.175(8), Florida Statutes, the TPA must annually adopt a list of transportation system priority projects and transmit the list to FDOT for use in developing the next draft Five-Year Work Program and Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  The TPA Priority Projects are consistent with the goals, objectives and values of the TPA's adopted Long Range Transportation Plan and further the TPA vision of creating a Safe, Efficient, and Connected Multimodal Transportation System.

Currently Adopted Priorities:


Previously Adopted Priorities:


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