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Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study: At-A-Glance

The Palm Beach TPA conducted the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study to formally analyze five years of pedestrian and bicyclist crash data in Palm Beach County and develop evidence based recommendations for safety countermeasures, educational strategies, and performance targets. The TPA will monitor the Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Performance Measures and Targets with the ultimate goal of zero incidents and will work with partner agencies to achieve the Safety Initiatives.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study provides information to transportation professionals and community stakeholders intended to result in positive outcomes for nonmotorized safety. Transportation agencies and local government staff can use the document to understand typical crash patterns, identify whether an upcoming project may be within a high crash area, select optimal safety countermeasures, work toward the common goal of implementing countermeasures, and working toward achieving safety targets.

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study was approved by the Palm Beach TPA Governing Board on February 16, 2017.

On June 9, 2017 at Florida Planning and Zoning Association (FPZA) annual state conference in Naples, the FPZA presented the TPA with the only award for Outstanding Study for the TPA's Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study. 


Bicycle Suitability Map

The Bike Suitability Map showcases current bicycle facilities on the major roadways and categorizes them as, "Good", "Fair" or "Caution".

The reverse side highlights laws and practices for safe cycling in every environment. 

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