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Greenways & Trails Plan

Greenways & Trails Plan

Greenways and trails are a growing part of multimodal transportation networks across Florida and the U.S. This plan provides a desired vision for a greenways and trails system in Palm Beach County with consideration of the Southeast Florida regional context (from Indian River County to Monroe County). 

The Southeast Florida Regional Greenways & Trails Plan is intended to serve as a conceptual guide for the TPA and others for prioritizing and advancing projects over time to help develop an integrated network of non-motorized connections throughout the region.

The Southeast Florida Regional Greenways & Trails Plan was prepared for the Palm Beach TPA by Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council in 2016, based on contents as of Dec. 2015.

Types of Facilities
Pedestrian and Bicycle Facility Types
For more information on existing and proposed pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in Palm Beach County, visit our online map
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