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Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

Every five years, the MPO prepares an updated Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) with a twenty-five year outlook. Adopted by the Palm Beach MPO Board in late 2014, Directions 2040 provides the framework for a balanced and cost feasible transportation system that includes major roadway, transit and freight projects, while setting aside a pool of federal funds for the Local Initiatives program, a competitive funding program of the Palm Beach MPO for smaller, non-regionally significant projects. The final cost feasible plan of the Directions 2040 LRTP represents a $4.6 billion investment in system improvements.

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

To fund short-term improvements to the transportation system that are consistent with the LRTP, the MPO adopts an updated Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) each year. The TIP allocates funds from federal, state and local sources for the upcoming five fiscal years for regionally significant transportation improvements located primarily on the state highway system for all travel modes.

Priority Projects List for the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Each year, the Palm Beach TPA Governing Board adopts a List of Priority Projects which is transmitted to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for development of the annually produced FDOT Five-Year Work Program, which evolves into the TIP to be adopted the following year.

Unified Planning Work Program

Produced by the Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and updated every two years, the prime objective of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) is to aid in the development and maintenance of a Coordinated Multimodal Transportation System Plan. 

Regional Transportation Plan (RTP)

The RTP is updated every five years to adapt to population changes of the region.  With the horizon year of 2040 - consistent with the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plans developed by the individual member T/MPOs for their respective counties – RTP development steps range from goal setting to selection and prioritization of projects for inclusion in a financially feasible plan.  SEFTC members adopted the 2040 RTP in July 2015.

Congestion Management Process (CMP)

A Congestion Management Process, or CMP, involves routinely monitoring all modes of travel and activity on the transportation network and managing the system’s performance by identifying and advancing effective solutions, or improvements, that mitigate the adverse impacts of congestion. 

Strategic Plan

The Palm Beach MPO  5-Year Strategic Plan is a measurable guide toward achieving its long-term mission and vision. The 5-Year Strategic Plan defines specific, incremental steps (strategies) that will be initiated, monitored for timely progress, and annually reported to the MPO Governing Board and the public.

Complete Streets

The Palm Beach MPO aims to achieve a safe and convenient transportation network by implementing Complete Streets within the context of our county’s diverse communities. The Palm Beach MPO seeks to promote Complete Streets by prioritizing the funding of Complete Streets infrastructure projects, providing educational opportunities, and encouraging local jurisdictions to adopt and implement local Complete Streets policies.

Greenways & Trails Plan

The Southeast Florida Regional Greenways & Trails Plan is intended to serve as a conceptual guide for the MPO and others for prioritizing and advancing projects over time to help develop an integrated network of non-motorized connections throughout the region.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study

The Palm Beach MPO conducted the Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study to formally analyze five years of pedestrian and bicyclist crash data in Palm Beach County and develop evidence based recommendations for safety countermeasures, educational strategies, and performance targets. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Study provides information to transportation professionals and community stakeholders intended to result in positive outcomes for nonmotorized safety.

ADA Transition Plan Requirements

The Palm Beach MPO is required by federal agencies to sign assurances that all recipients of federal funds allocated by the MPO have ADA transition plans in place.  ADA transition plans outline a jurisdiction's assessment plans for bringing their infrastructure into compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Climate Change - Transportation Planning

The Palm Beach MPO partnered with the Broward MPO and the Miami-Dade TPO on the South Florida Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Pilot Project. The report concludes that southeast Florida, consisting of Palm Beach County along with Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties to the south, "is one of the most vulnerable areas of the country to extreme weather conditions and climate change.


To promote awareness of transportation planning training opportunities, the Palm Beach MPO has compiled the following schedule of upcoming statewide and national conferences.
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