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Transportation Alternatives Application

Welcome to the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency's 2022 Transportation Alternatives Funding Program. This page allows you to submit all required documentation for a project application. Once you have filled out the fields and uploaded the documents, you will be taken to a second page where you can enter specifics about your project that will assist in determining your project's score and rank.


Format = Year.Applicant Name.Application Priority (e.g., 2020.Jupiter.1)

(e.g., plats, deeds,prescriptions,certified surveys and/or easements)

  • The resolution must clearly indicate that the project may be constructed as proposed and a commitment to fund the ongoing operations and maintenance of the improvements.
  • Provide commitment letter from administering agency’s director of Engineering or Public Works Department clearly indicating they will “administer and construct the project if funded by the Palm Beach Transportation Planning Agency’s (TPA)”.
  • (Must be prepared and signed by a Professional Engineer from the Agency's Engineering Office)
  • Please include a photograph of existing conditions that can be used in a "Before" and "After" presentation of the benefits associated with this project.  Choose a location where the proposed improvements will have the greatest visible impact to convey maximum value.
  • Provide a resolution stating support for the project as proposed from the governing board of the local municipality where the project is located. 


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