TPA Executive Committee Meeting

Event Date: Dec 6 Monday

Time: 10:00 am


Audio Files:

Combination In-Person Meeting and Zoom Webinar

TPA Office: 301 Datura St., West Palm Beach, FL 33401 

Attendees may not enter the TPA workplace if they have a fever or if, in the previous 14 days, they have tested positive for COVID-19, exhibited symptoms of COVID-19, or been in close contact with someone with COVID-19.

Zoom Webinar ID: 815-5241-6837  Password:  486636

Public participation options: 

  • Download the Zoom app, or join via browser by clicking on this link:

  • Participate by phone by dialing 1-646-558-8656 and then enter the webinar ID followed by the # key. Enter the password once prompted. If participating by phone, you will need to follow along with the agenda packet.

  • Watch a live simulcast of the meeting at (public comments must be made by using the online comment form)

  • Watch a recorded video the following day on the Palm Beach TPA YouTube channel 

Public Comment Options:

All members of the public are encouraged to view or listen to the virtual meeting following the details provided above, and to participate by offering comments and questions in the following ways:  
  • Online public comment form: All are welcome to click on in advance of the meeting or during the meeting prior to the calling for public comments on each agenda item. The "General Comments" section of the agenda is for members of the public to provide comments on issues that are not specifically listed on the meeting agenda, but are directly related to transportation planning and funding within the jurisdiction of the Palm Beach TPA. Separate comment forms must be submitted to offer comments on multiple agenda items, and comments will be read into the record by TPA staff.

  • Zoom "raise hand" feature: Members of the public should be prepared to use the "raise hand" feature during specific agenda items on which they wish to offer a comment, and wait to be recognized to speak. By this method, members of the public will make their own comments on audio, but will not appear on video. Always begin by clearly stating your name and address, as well as any entity you are authorized to represent if applicable. Vendors or lobbyists must identify themselves as such before offering comments.

  • Phone: When joining the meeting by phone, follow the instructions to use the Zoom "raise hand" feature, and follow the Zoom instructions above. Callers must remember to mute and unmute from their phone.

Public Participation Policy:
It is the policy of the Palm Beach TPA to encourage public participation and comments without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability or family status.

Requests for Special Accommodations:
Persons who require a printed copy of the agenda package, require special accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act or require translation services for a meeting (free of charge) must call 561-725-0800 or send email to at least five business days in advance.. Hearing impaired individuals are requested to telephone the Florida Relay System at #711.

Civil Rights and Nondiscrimination:
Public participation is solicited without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, religion, disability or family status. For complaints, questions, or concerns about civil rights or nondiscrimination, please contact the TPA at:  
Tel: 561-725-0800 or email:

Annual Meetings Calendar:
The annual calendar of Palm Beach TPA Governing Board meetings, advisory committee meetings and the Transportation Disadvantaged Local Coordinating Board must occasionally be revised throughout the year. Click here for the calendar feature which includes a link to the annual calendar in PDF form near the top of the page, which is periodically updated as needed.