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Port of Palm Beach

Port of Palm Beach

Port of Palm Beach


  • More than 500,000 passengers sail annually from the Port of Palm Beach
  • The Port of Palm Beach is home to Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line which operates the Grand Celebration passenger cruise ship for 2-night or 4-6 night Bahamas stays.


  • 4th busiest container port of Florida's 15 deepwater ports, and one of the 20 busiest container ports in the U.S.
  • Handles 2.5 million tons of cargo each year
  • Over $4 billion worth of commodities move through the Port each year
  • Unlike more U.S. ports, the Port of Palm Beach is primarily an export port, with approximately 80% of its cargo being exported all over the world. The Port supplies 60% of everything consumed in the Bahamas and is an essential lifeline to the rest of the Caribbean.

Local Impact:

  • 2,850+ employees of the Port and its tenants make the Port one of the largest employers in Palm Beach County
  • $185 million contributed annually in business revenue by the Port and its tenants
  • $17.5 million contributed annually by Port tenants in state and local taxes


  • Established in 1915 as a special taxing district
  • Has not levied ad valorem taxes since 1975
  • Governed by a five-member elected Board of Commissioners


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